Commercial Roofing Repair in Humble, TX

A roof on a business must be sturdy and durable to protect against anything Mother Nature or Father Time throws its way. If your commercial roof needs help, turn to STX Roofing & Construction. We provide experienced commercial roof repair services in and around Humble, TX.

What Do You Need Help With?

A commercial roof is usually different from a residential roof, especially in its slope and roofing material. However, we have the training and experience to handle:

  • Stagnant water: Flat business roofs can have pools of water after a heavy rainstorm. This can eventually damage your roof. We can ensure that your drainage system is adequate and make repairs as necessary.
  • Membrane damage: As many commercial roofs have TPO, BUR, or modified bitumen membranes, these can tear, crack, or split. Whatever the issue, we can repair or replace any damaged membrane.

Besides these specific commercial roof issues, we can fix other roof issues like damaged flashing, bad drains, or clogged gutters. You have a business to protect. Let us help you protect it.

Why Rely on Our Services?

We know that problems with your business’s roof can be stressful. That is why we’re here to help. We aim to make the process easy to understand so that you know what to expect. Whether you need to fill out insurance paperwork, acquire new materials, or coordinate with us to ensure you have no business downtime, we are here for you. And we are always happy to answer any questions or concerns you have.

If you have commercial roofing repair problems you need to take care of, call us today at (281) 601-ROOF (7663). We can come to your commercial building to provide a comprehensive quote, go over all the roof issues, and discuss the specifics of your specific roofing repair project.

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