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At STX Roofing & Construction we understand that a home’s exterior paint does a whole lot more than simply look pretty. It essentially acts as a barrier that protects your home from the elements and prevents materials from rotting faster than they would have done if left unpainted. For this reason, homeowners are encouraged to repaint their homes at least once every 4-10 years for a wood house and every 7-10 years for stucco, unnoticed problems can be addressed and your siding and trim can be protected from wear.

When exterior paint gets old, it starts to chip, flake, and peel. Not only does it look shabby, it allows water and moisture to get trapped between the paint and the house. This collected water eventually causes wood to rot, and over the long term can destroy the structural integrity of your home. Even if you have aluminum or vinyl siding, you most likely have wood framing or trim, so this applies to you, too.

It’s not all wet wood and home damage! Painting increases your home value because it looks all shiny and new. A new coat of exterior paint is a great call if you’re putting your house on the market, but it’s also good to consider when refinancing your home—especially if your exterior is chipping and peeling.

Premium Painting

When all is said and done, you just want your home to look terrific. You want it to reflect your taste, your aesthetic, and to make you proud as your neighbors drive by and take a second look at your house in envy. Call STX Roofing & Construction today for a free estimate!

Call STX Roofing & Construction today for a free estimate!

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