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A superior roof is stronger than the sum of its parts. Your roof should do more than shield the elements. It should protect your home, and more importantly, everything you care about. The Integrity Roof System is designed to provide optimum performance, day after day, year after year. It’s a full suite of roofing components engineered to complement each other and create an active defense against whatever gets in your home’s way. After all, the Integrity Roof System is backed by the power of CertainTeed – and better-quality components means you’ve got a roof system built to protect against even the most extreme conditions.

CertainTeed has all of the products you need to make the Integrity Roof System work for you, from the edges to the hips and ridges, from the underlayment to the finished surface. CertainTeed products work together to ensure the system performs at the highest level.

Waterproof Underlayment – CertainTeed WinterGuard®
Water-Resistant Underlayment – CertainTeed RoofRunner™, DiamondDeck® and Roofers’ Select®
Starter Shingles – CertainTeed SwiftStart®, High Performance Starter and Presidential® Starter
Roof Shingles – A wide variety of styles to fit any home, covered by the strongest warranty in the business. (Landmark Shingles)
Hip & Ridge Caps – CertainTeed ShadowRidge®, CedarCrest®, Mountain Ridge®, and Shangle® Ridge
Roof Ventilation – CertainTeed® Ridge Vent, CertainTeed® Rolled Ridge Vent, and CertainTeed® Intake Vent

STX Roofing also exclusively installs Bullet Boot Pipe Flashing. This new patented product is designed to aesthetically replace the old toxic lead pipe boot at a competitive price. There is no need to paint since it comes in five colors to match virtually any roof application. This innovative product adapts to any roof pitch due to its flexible material.

Benefits of using the Bullet Boot:

  • Installs in half the time vs. lead boots
  • TPO flexible pipe boot and flashing
  • 35 year warranty
  • 100% UV protected
  • Adapts to any roof pitch
  • Replaces toxic lead pipe covers
  • Comes in 5 colors (white, brown, gray, weathered wood, and black)
  • Covers the pipe inside and out
  • Meets code approvals
  • Comes with pest screen

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