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Multi Family

STX Roofing & Construction works with community managers, apartment managers, homeowner’s associations and property management services to repair, replace and maintain multi-family housing roofs. We work on apartments, townhomes and multiple single family homes in a neighborhood. We’ve worked on projects with multiple buildings and thousands of square feet per project. No project is too big for STX Roofing & Construction!roofing kingwood tx

All of our multi-family projects are assigned an on-site Project Manager who oversees the work. We have an industry leading warranty and an in house service department to ensure long term satisfaction with your project. Call STX Roofing & Construction today for help with your multi-family project!

Apartment Complexes & Condos

Are you looking for a reliable company, in the Greater Houston or Dallas-Fort Worth areas, to help maintain your apartment complex? STX Roofing & Construction is here to help! Your STX team can handle not only roofing maintenance and repairs, but they can also handle any drywall, painting, or even fencing issues! Why shop around for anyone else when STX Roofing & Construction can handle all of your multi family building needs?

Home Owner Associations

Not only does STX help out with apartments and condos, but we can also help an entire home owner’s associations as well! We can help ensure that everyone in the neighborhood’s homes and fences meet the homeowner’s guidelines. If you’re ready for help with multi family buildings, give us a call at STX Roofing & Construction, or contact us today.